REVERSAL OF MAN Discography Update

We will be having the full discography of ROM remastered soon. The artwork for the gatefold is currently being developed. Many people have sent in photos, flyers, etc. for the booklet. No set date yet, but hopefully soon.

YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP Gatefolds are still available in our store.


LACRIMA - New Band Featuring Our Very Own Seth Babb Along With Tom Sch​​latter of YOU AND I and others

Seth Babb (Funeral Diner, Stirling Says, Last Good Sleep, Walken, etc) along with Tom Schlatter (You And I, Hundreds of AU, The Assistant, etc.) and members of Coma Regalia and Massa Nera have formed a new band called Lacrima. They are releasing a new 7" on Middle Man Records in the US and a bunch of labels in Europe. Check out this ARTICLE at Brooklyn Vegan for a video/song and where to pre-order it from in Europe.

REVERSAL OF MAN Discography Update. We are hoping to have pre-orders up by March with an expected release date for sometime in the summer (fingers crossed).


We Are Working On A REVERSAL OF MAN Complete Vinyl Discography!!!

We are beyond excited to announce that we are releasing a REVERSAL OF MAN complete vinyl discography. This is still in the early stages, but the band is working on a comprehensive booklet and are looking for photos, flyers, zine clippings, anything scannable. If you have anything, please say "hello" to the band and let them know what you have, including photo credits at:

Reversal Of Man was one of our favorite bands in the 90's so this is almost surreal. We will keep you posted on the progress of this project. Most of our updates are posted on our Instagram page.



All of the sold out pre-orders on clear have been shipped out. We may have a few left over and will post that info on our Instagram and Facebook soon. All other individual orders are going out as fast as the two of us can pack/ship them. Please see the list below for distributors that will have copies of the records soon.

​If your copy of YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP did not come with a digital download, then email us with your order number and we will send you a download code. Email:

Many of our other releases are almost gone and will NOT be repressed anytime soon, so get them before they're gone.

GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" 2xLP = less than 20 copies

CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" = less than 30 copies

FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" LP = less than 40 copies

*Go to our STORE link to pick them up*

Distros carrying YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP:

- RevHQ

- Handstand

- Ebullition

- Deathwish

- Dead Tank

- Green Hell (Europe)

- Disk Union (Japan)

- Long Legs Long Arms (Japan)

​Oh, and Fuck Trump.


YOU AND I Update; New Booklet/Insert

2020 definitely messed with us quite a bit with delays, switching pressing plants, more delays, etc., but the YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP discography will be out by mid-October. We have also made a 50+ page booklet/insert to be included with the release. Thank you for your patience and support.


YOU AND I Update; Raffle Results; June Summer Sale:

We have the test presses for the YOU AND I 2xLP Discography. We had to transfer to another pressing plant due to the Coronavirus and other issues we were having with our first plant. The test presses are here, which means that the YOU AND I discography will be out by mid-late July. Official date coming soon!

Our test press raffle garnered $1,750!!! We have donated these funds to the organizations mentioned in our previous post. Thank you to all who contributed!

Our June Summer Sale is almost over. We are selling our current releases for wholesale prices. Here is what we have left:

GOSPEL "The Moon is a Dead World" 2xLP = $15

FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" LP = $10

CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" = $6


Black Lives Matter donations; Raffle; June Summer Sale; You And I update:

During our summer sale in June, we will be donating some of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles and Action Bail Fund LA. We have already donated $140.

Starting on Wednesday we will be offering some rare test pressings up for a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to BLM-LA and People's City Council Freedom Fund. This raffle will be up for one week, with $5 for each test pressing raffle that you want. We will be offering up some of our reissue test presses and our friends at Vitriol Records are offering up a couple test presses too. Check out our social media via Instagram and Facebook for more info on Tuesday June 9th.

You And I discography 2xLP should be out by mid-July. We should have a more specific date in the next couple of weeks from the pressing plant.

Our June Summer Sale has all of our current releases up for sale at wholesale prices. See our Big Cartel Store for all of the prices.


YOU AND I Discography Update; June Summer Sale Coming Up

You And I "Complete" Discography 2xLP is still delayed due to the many closures of pressing plants from the coronavirus. We have found another pressing plant that is still operational and so we have transferred the files to this new plant. We are hoping that the vinyl will be ready by early summer. If you have paid for a pre-order, then we can email you your download of the remastered discography.

Next Month during the entire month of June we will be holding our annual June Summer Sale on all of our in-print releases. This sale does NOT include the You And I Discography since that is still a pre-order and not yet available. Here is what will be on sale and the prices (starting June 1st):

- GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" 2xLP = $15

- FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" LP = $10

- BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP = $10

- CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" = $6

We also made REPEATER RECORDS stickers of our logo! All future orders including all of the YOU AND I pre-orders will get one of these stickers. We feel like a legit label now that we have stickers.


YOU AND I Discography Delayed Due to Pressing Plant Temporary Closure from Covid-19; Digital Downloads Are Available

Our vinyl pressing plant has closed operations for the time being due to the global Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis. This means that the vinyl for YOU AND I "Complete" Discography will also be delayed. We are hoping that maybe it will be available in May, but this is out of our control. However, if you did purchase a pre-order copy of the vinyl, we will be sending you the remastered discography tracks this week (hopefully). Thank you for understanding and we hope that everyone is staying healthy, safe and staying at home. Take care - Chris and Seth


YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP Gatefold discography UPDATE

We hope that everyone is healthy, safe and doing well in these uncertain times. Hopefully everyone has some good records at home to listen to and we'll be helping add YOU AND I to your quarantine soundtrack soon. All pre-orders for the YOU AND I "Complete" discography are now sold out, but standard copied on black vinyl are still available in our store. This is currently in production and we are looking at either late April or early May for the release date.


YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP Gatefold Pre-Orders Almost Gone; Limited Color Changed From Orange To Clear.

We have less than 10 copies available for pre-order of the YOU AND I limited pre-orders on color vinyl. Per the band's request, the limited color has changed from orange vinyl to clear vinyl. So, if you ordered the pre-order on orange, it is now clear. If that is upsetting to you and you would like a refund, please email us at:


Brooklyn Vegan Features an Interview with Tom from YOU AND I

Check out the article and including a great interview with Tom from YOU AND I over HERE. We still have a small amount of limited pre-orders of the 2xLP discography left in our STORE. Limited to 300/Orange, 700/black.


YOU AND I "Complete" Discography Pre-Orders Are Almost Gone! Release Date is Tentatively Set For April.

YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP Discography is limited to 300 on orange vinyl for pre-orders only and these are almost all gone. There will be another 700 on black. This is going into production now and should be out by April!

You can Pre-Order the YOU AND I Discography HERE.


YOU AND I Discography 2xLP Pre-Orders Will Be Going Up This Thursday January 9th; Working On REP-007 Too

YOU AND I "Complete" 2xLP Discography pre-orders will be available HERE this Thursday January 9th at 8am PST. The 2xLP will be pressed out of 1,000 with 300 on limited color for strictly pre-order from us only.

We're also working with some old friends of ours for our next release after the You And I discography. More info on that soon, but we're hoping to have that release out by the summer.


FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" LPs Are Here and Will Begin Shipping Out By December 6th!!!

Funeral Diner's "The Underdark" LP repress is out! This version is on negative white reverse jackets from the original and vinyl is pressed on a dark purple translucent. These records are limited to 500 (and already half of them are gone!). We still have some pre-orders with limited Funeral Diner stickers and buttons available. Get your copy from us HERE.

The following Distros have copies already (or will very soon):





Disk Union (Japan)


FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" Now Up On Most Streaming Services

FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and Apple. The vinyl reissue should* be physically ready by December 10th. RevHQ and Deathwish have it up for pre-order on their sites as well.


FUNERAL DINER Interview on No Echo about the Band and Reissue

No Echo did an interview with Seth Babb and Matt Bajda of Funeral Diner about the band's history and the upcoming reissue of "The Underdark" LP. Check it out HERE. You can still Pre-Order Funeral Diner "The Underdark" HERE.


Repeater Records will be releasing the complete discography for YOU AND I as a 2xLP!!!

Our next release is a complete discography for YOU AND I (including their LP "The Curtain Falls" which was not on the "discography" released by Alone Records). We're super excited about this. We've known Tom and those guys for years and are honored to be able to release their proper discography. More info coming soon. Hoping for an early 2020 release.


GOSPEL SHOW; Funeral Diner "The Underdark" Repress; REP-006 Coming Soon

GOSPEL had their first show in 9 years this past Friday at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. Check out some videos on youtube and pictures on Instagram. Speaking of which, find Gospel on IG. Search: @_gospel and on Facebook

Highlights included a diverse set of songs old and some new songs (!). They also found a box of original pressings of "TMIADW" from Level Plane Records that about 20 lucky people were able to pick up.

FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" LP reissue is underway. Pre-Orders are still up in our Store and the LP's should be ready by December.

We will be announcing our next release REP-006 by early October! It's a good one!



Funeral Diner "The Underdark" LP reissue is up. Click on our STORE Link to pre-order. Limited to 500 on purple with the jacket art being reverse of the original. First 150 pre-orders come with limited sticker and button. Also comes with a digital download.

GOSPEL's first show in years is happening on September 20th in Brooklyn (but it's sold out already).

We'll hopefully be announcing some big news soon regarding our next release, REP #006.



We are repressing Funeral Diner's "The Underdark" LP which will be limited to 500 on purple vinyl with black ink on a white cardstock jacket. The first 100 preorders will include a Funeral Diner sticker revived from an old design and a button with a new design. Click HERE for the preorder.


FUNERAL DINER "The Underdark" Repress; GOSPEL Show In About One Month!

After 5 years as a label, we are going to reissue our first release, FUNERAL DINER's "The Underdark" LP. We started this label to keep great records available in the vinyl format and prevent sky high prices on ebay and discogs. This reissue has been seen on discogs for $50! It's a reissue! WTF. Anyways, we are working on pressing another 500 "Underdark" LPs. Pre-Order info soon. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more frequent updates.

GOSPEL's first show in almost a decade is coming up on September 20th at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. Tix might already be sold out?

Also, check out this great interview with Seth Babb on the Middle Man Records podcast about all of his bands (Funeral Diner, Walken, Stirling Says, Last Good Sleep, etc.), King City, the late 90's/early 2000's DIY punk scene, Repeater Records, etc. Check it out HERE.

- Chris



Gospel will be playing a show at St Vitus in New York on September 20th. Check out St Vitus HERE.

You can still order their reissued 2xLP "The Moon is a Dead World" from us HERE.



City Of Caterpillar's "Self Titled" LP is officially out of print. You can still find copies at several distros. We sent our last 50 copies to the band for their upcoming three shows in early August. We may repress it in the future if the band requests to, but otherwise it's OOP.

You can still find CoC's "S/T" LP at the following distros:


Handstand Records


Bis Auf Messer (Europe)

Green Hell (Europe)

Our JUNE SUMMER SALE is still going on! Go to our STORE and get wholesale prices or less on our other three in print releases.



Go to our STORE for the sale. We only have 10 copies left of CITY OF CATERPILLAR's "Self Titled" LP. The rest are going to the band for their August shows and then this LP is OOP.

- GOSPEL "The Moon is a Dead World" 2xLP for $14

- CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP for $13 (UPDATE: SOLD OUT, try RevHQ, Handstand, Deathwish, Bis Auf Messer)

- CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Spain" 12" for $6!!!

- BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP for $10



During the month of June (since it's Seth's birthday month) we're going to put all of our in-stock records on sale, which includes:

- GOSPEL "The Moon is a Dead World" 2xLP for $14

- BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP (Lavender vinyl) for $10

- CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP (Orange vinyl) for $13

- CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" for $6

Go to our Big Cartel Store for the sale.

CITY OF CATERPILLAR are gearing up for their 3 summer shows on August 1 - 3 in Baltimore, Asbury Park and Toronto at New Friends Fest. You can also get some CoC shirts from their Big Cartel site.



Gospel LPs are on their way to Adagio830 and Green Hell both out of Germany. Euro fans of Gospel, please contact them for cheaper shipping costs within Europe.


GOSPEL Pre-Orders Sold Out; Black Still Available; CITY OF CATERPILLAR Announce 3 Shows for the Summer!!!

GOSPEL's "The Moon Is A Dead World" pre-orders on white have sold out, but there are still plenty of copies on black left for sale HERE. You can also find the 2xLP at the following distributors:





Zegema Beach

No Funeral

We are working on getting distribution to Europe. We're sorry for the delays, but our two main distributors have not been getting back to us.

CITY OF CATERPILLAR have announced three shows on August 1 - 3 in Baltimore, Asbury Park and Toronto. You can also find the band on Instagram: @cityofcaterpillarofficial The band also announced that they might have some new songs at these shows.


GOSPEL Official Release Date; Repeater Records is on Instagram:

GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" 2xLP will be officially released on January 11th! There is still a limited amount of the pre-order on white (out of 300) available in our STORE. We are currently packing up the pre-orders that have already been purchased. We'll have more info on distros in the USA and Europe.

Please reach out to us if you're a distro that is interested in our releases (all are available except Funeral Diner). Email us at:

We also have an Instagram account now. Look us up under: repeaterrecords


GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" 2xLP PRE-ORDERS Are Up and Going Fast!

300/White vinyl/White jacket, 700/black vinyl/black jacket. White pre-orders are already halfway gone after just one day! We have put all of our other releases on sale for a limited time (City of Caterpillar, Broken Hearts Are Blue).

Get it HERE!!!


GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" 2xLP PRE-ORDERS Go Up This Friday, October 12th at 10am PST

This reissue will be a 2xLP, remastered at 45rpm with updated art and insert by the band. The pre-order will be limited to 300 on white vinyl with white jackets, while the standard version will be out of 700 on black vinyl with black jackets.

Pre-Orders will be live on Friday October 12th HERE.


GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World" Reissue Update

We are hoping to start production for our reissue of GOSPEL"The Moon Is A Dead World" LP in September, which means that it will most likely be released by the end of the year or very beginning of 2019. We will have pre-orders up once production is official. The reissue is being remastered as a 2xLP and will have updated art and insert. More info coming soon!

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP's have sold really well. We only have about 100 out of 500 LP's left. You can still order this one time pressing HERE.

CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP and "Driving Spain" 12"'s are also running low. We are not planning on repressing these, so once they're gone, they're gone. "Driving Spain" 12" is still on sale in our STORE.


BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LPs will ship out this week!!! Check Out Distros Below

All 100 pre-orders with a zine/button are sold out, but the LP is still readily available.

We are also shipping out the LPs to the following Distributors this week as well:

RevHq (USA/World)

Ebullition (USA/World)

Deathwish (USA/World)

Handstand Records (USA)

Green Hell (Germany/Europe)

Disk Union (Japan)

Stiff Slack (Japan)

Waterslide Records (Japan)

Motorpool Records (Japan)


BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP Reissue Will Be Officially Released on June 15th

The first 100 pre-orders include a zine and button. There are less than 10 of these left.

Order HERE



See the Media Link for CITY OF CATERPILLAR Asia Tour dates. These are most likely their last shows ever.

BHAB LP's should be ready within 1 - 2 months (hopefully by early June). We will post an update when we have an exact date.

GOSPEL are working on getting redesigned art based on the original cover together. They've also unearthed the master tapes and we will have them remastered soon. More details TBA.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR Announce Show With Japan's ENVY for May 6th

City Of Caterpillar have announced an additional show on their Asia Tour for May 6th with Japan's ENVY. The show will be at Shimokitazawa Era. Tickets on Sale 4/25 @ noon Japan time.


BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE Pre-Orders Will Come With A Limited Zine; CITY OF CATERPILLAR Asia Tour Less Than Three Weeks Away:

All BHAB pre-orders will come with a limited zine that includes extras like flyers of shows and other BHAB goodies.

City Of Caterpillar are set to embark on their last tour since reuniting in early 2017, this time in Asia - see the dates in our Media Link


BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP PRE-ORDERS Are Up!!! Next Reissue To Be GOSPEL "The Moon Is A Dead World"!!!

Pre-Orders for BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP are now up in our STORE. This LP should be ready by late May or early June. 

We are also excited to announce that we will be reissuing GOSPEL's "The Moon Is A Dead World" LP as REP:005. More info on this release will be announced soon.



City Of Caterpillar's tour of Japan has been expanded to include Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

05/09 = Taipei

05/11 = Kuala Lumpur

05/12 = Singapore

05/13 = Yogyakarta

See the full flyer and tour dates in our Media link.

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP is getting closer to going into production (hopefully in the next month). Pre-order info will be up soon.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP BACK IN STOCK - Limited to 400 on yellow vinyl

This is our 3rd (re)pressing of this amazing LP! If you missed getting a copy on their last West Coast tour (they sold out of copies on tour), this is your chance. After this pressing, it's going to be OOP for a while so we can focus on more upcoming releases. You can also get the "S/T" LP and the "Driving Spain" 12" EP together as a bundle for cheaper.

Order it HERE.

The following Distributors will have copies of this newest pressing:

Revelation Records

Deathwish Records

Ebullition Records

Handstand Records


Repeater Records to reissue BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE "The Truth About Love" LP in the Spring of 2018!

We are extremely excited to announce that our next release will be reissuing the 1997 classic LP "The Truth About Love" by BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE. More info to come regarding pre-orders, etc. Until then, check out the BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE bandcamp page HERE.


You can now buy both CITY OF CATERPILLAR records ("S/T" full length LP and "Spain" 12" EP) for $22 and save $4 if you were to purchase them separately. Click HERE.

The 3rd pressing of the CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP will be out by January 15th and is limited to 400 on yellow vinyl. This will be the last pressing of this record for the quite a while as we begin work on our next release, so don't miss out!


Pre-orders for the newest pressing of CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP will be available on Tuesday December 26th. This 3rd pressing is limited to 400 copies on opaque yellow vinyl. This will most likely be the last pressing of this LP for a while as we begin work on our next release.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR to tour Japan in April/May of 2018!!! CITY OF CATERPILLAR Big Cartel Site Up:

City Of Caterpillar will be touring Japan from April 28 - May 5. This will be their last tour ever.

4/28 - Tokyo

4/29 - Yokohama

4/30 - Yamanashi

5/1 - Tokyo

5/2 - Osaka

5/3 - Kyoto

5/4 - Nagoyo

5/5 - Tokyo

See our Media link for the full tour flyer.

CITY OF CATERPILLAR also have set up their own Big Cartel site where you can find the last of their merch from their West Coast tour (Shirts, vinyl, cassettes). Once this stuff is gone, it's gone for good. Check out their site HERE


City Of Caterpillar "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" EP ON SALE through the end of the year for $10

"Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" EP will be ON SALE for $10HERE until December 31, 2017.


City Of Caterpillar "Self Titled" LP 2nd Press on Translucent Coke Bottle is Sold Out; These Distros Have Copies:

Although we are out of the "Self Titled" LP, we will have a 3rd press by early 2018. The band currently has our last copies on their West Coast tour (note: they are almost sold out too). We also made 200 cassettes for this tour.

Find the "Self Titled" LP at the following sites:


Sisters In Christ

Vitriol Records


City Of Caterpillar West Coast Tour Starts Today in Portland, OR; Announce one more show in Wash, D.C.

City Of Caterpillar will be playing one last show on November 21st at the 9:30 Club with Strike Anywhere, Battery, Worriers and Big Hush. See the flyer in our media link.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR West Coast Tour starts in One Month! Another limited run of "S/T" cassettes for the tour!

If you haven't already bought tix for CoC's tour then get on it! These are their LAST US SHOWS EVER!!!

We'll be "pressing" another 200 blue cassettes of the CoC full length for their upcoming West Coast tour.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR West Coast and South East Dates Announced! Last US Shows Ever!


CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" EP's will be here next week

You can pre-order a copy HERE

City of Caterpillar today unveil the long-awaited recording of their previously-unreleased song 'Driving Spain Up A Wall'.

Noisey is now premiering the track in a lengthy feature, stating the recording "showcase[s] the undeniable strength that City of Caterpillar possesses—the ability to wrap the listener in a sonic landscape that teeters on the edge of chaos—sweeping crescendos, fractured melody, and cinematic beauty that collapses into the harsh brutality of their punk roots."
Around the building legacy endured posthumously, City of Caterpillar guitarist/vocalist Brandon Evans says:
“We truly had no idea this interest was so strong and spanning ... The internet was just coming about into the common life as we disbanded. We still had this mystery that carried charm from the world just prior; I feel maybe that was a factor attributing to the cult energy that built around us, perhaps.”
As Noisey notes, 'Driving Spain Up A Wall' has been "spoken about in hyperbolic fashion.. for more than a decade". Regarding the song retaining a near-mythical status, guitarist Jeff Kane comments:
“I don’t feel like its any stronger of a song than anything that made it on the LP, but I get why it gained a reputation. It was only able to be seen live or on crummy video tape recordings that made their way online. That gave it some mystique. It was also quite long even by our standards, so if we played it at a show, it probably consumed half of our 30 minute set which is going to make it stick in the memory.”
As the band now tour Europe for the first time, 'Driving Spain Up A Wall' is woven into a setlist containing City of Caterpillar material now considered by many to be classics. 

Their remaining dates for Europe ( )  include:
14.07. Kopenhagen / kraftværket (with Harasser) - Event: - Tickets:
15.07. Hamburg / Goldener Salon (with Cetacea) - Event:
16.07. Antwerp / Kavka - Event: - Tickets:
17.07. NL - Amsterdam / Occii (with Skylark, Lawine, Zahrada) - Event: - Tickets:
18.07. Paris / Point Éphémère - Event:
19.07. Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa (with Birds in Row, Mercy Ties) - Event:
20.07. A - Vienna / Venster99 (with Hauna) - Event: - Tickets: of caterpillar
21.07. CZ - Fluff Fest - Event:
Currently available US tour dates as follow:
Thurs. 10/19: San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar w/ Thou $15 - Tickets:
Fri. 10/20: Santa Barbara, CA @ The Hard To Find w/ Dangers $10. Tickets:
Sat. 10/21: Santa Rosa, CA @ Arlene Francis Center w/ Litany for the Whale, Sabertooth Zombie, Holy Wood $15
Sat. 10/28: Gainesville, FL @ The Fest w/ Hum, Majority Rule, Iron Reagan - Tickets & Info:
Sun. 10/29: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Majority Rule, Deep State $15 - Tickets:
Mon. 10/30: New Orleans, LA @ Zeitgeist w/ Majority Rule, Thou - Info:
'Driving Spain Up A Wall' is being released as a 12" EP by Repeater Records and Adagio830 with City of Caterpillar's Self-Titled album session b-side, 'As The Curtains Dim; (little white lie)'; both available on vinyl for the first time:
USA - 
Europe - 
The digital release is available for stream or download across all mainstream platforms:
Spotify -
Apple Music -
iTunes -
Google Play -
Bandcamp -


Test Presses Have Been Approved!

Test presses for CITY OF CATERPILLAR's "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" EP have been approved and we're *hoping* for a late July or early August official release date. If you ordered the European version from Adagio830 Records out of Germany, those records are shipping soon (they had the euro version pressed earlier for the upcoming Euro tour).


CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Driving Spain Up A Wall" 12" pre-orders almost sold out; UPDATES on South East TOUR DATES

You can still get the "Driving Spain Up A Wall B/W As The Curtains Dim" 12" on limited Blue vinyl HERE.

As Brooklyn Vegan reported on June 2nd, MAJORITY RULE and PG. 99 are reuniting for a number of east coast shows (many of which are benefit shows), along with CITY OF CATERPILLAR on select dates.

Here are the dates for MAJORITY RULE with select dates with PG. 99 and CITY OF CATERPILLAR:

MAJORITY RULE — 2017 Tour Dates
Sept. 21 Broadberry Richmond, VA to benefit Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project*
Sept. 22 St. Stephen’s Washington, DC to benefit Casa Ruby*
Sept. 23 Venue TBA Baltimore, MD to benefit 901 Arts*
Sept. 24 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA to benefit Juntos*
Sept. 25 St. Vitus New York City, NY to benefit New Sanctuary Movement NYC*
Sept. 26 Goldsounds New York City, NY to benefit New York Legal Assistance Group*
Sept. 27 Great Scott Boston, MA to benefit the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Action Coalition*
Oct. 28 The Fest Gainesville, FL^
Oct. 29 The Earl Atlanta, GA^
Oct. 30 Zeitgeist New Orleans, LA^
Nov. 1 The Firehouse Birmingham, AL
Nov. 2 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC

* – w/ PG.99

12.07. Leipzig / Plaque
13.07. Berlin / Tiefgrund (with Me & Goliath)
14.07. Kopenhagen / kraftværket (with Harasser)
15.07. Hamburg / Goldener Salon (with Cetacea)
16.07. Antwerp / Kavka
17.07. NL – Amsterdam / Occii (with Skylark, Lawine, Zahrada)
18.07. Paris / Point Éphémère
19.07. Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa (with Birds in Row, Mercy Ties)
20.07. A – Vienna / Bach (with Hauna)
21.07. CZ – Fluff Fest

Thurs. 10/19: San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar w/ Thou
Fri. 10/20: Santa Barbara, CA @ The Hard To Find w/ Dangers
Sat. 10/21: Santa Rosa, CA @ Arlene Francis Center w/ Litany for the Whale, Sabertooth Zombie, Holy Wood
Sat. 10/28: Gainesville, FL @ The Fest w/ Hum, Majority Rule, Iron Reagan
Sun. 10/29: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Majority Rule, Deep State
Mon. 10/30: New Orleans, LA @ Zeitgeist w/ Majority Rule, Thou


CITY OF CATERPILLAR Announce New Release, Further Tours (The Fest and California shows):        

Following a sold out run of reunions shows earlier this year, City of Caterpillar now announce their first new recording in 15 years, plus additional tours of America and Europe.

Previously unreleased, 'Driving Spain Up A Wall' was tracked earlier this year in Richmond, Virginia and NYC, then mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. The song has long held mystique as one of the band's most revered songs, made popular among fans from powerful live performances but not properly recording before City of Caterpillar disbanded in 2003.

This new recording will be released on a 12" EP alongside the Self-Titled outtake track 'As the Curtains Dim (Little White Lie)', which surfaced earlier this year as a digital-only single. The two-track vinyl package will be released this summer through Repeater Records & Adagio830. A digital release by The Archivist will follow.

Vinyl Pre-orders are now available:

USA - Repeater Records -
Europe - Adagio 830 -

Alongside the new record City of Caterpillar have planned further live shows, with the first ever European tour to correspond with the 12" EP's availability:

12.07. Leipzig / Plaque - Event:
13.07. Berlin / Tiefgrund (with Me & Goliath) - Event: - Tickets:
14.07. Kopenhagen / kraftværket (with Harasser) - Event: - Tickets:
15.07. Hamburg / Goldener Salon (with Cetacea) - Event:
16.07. Antwerp / Kavka - Event: - Tickets:
17.07. NL - Amsterdam / Occii (with Skylark, Lawine, Zahrada) - Event: - Tickets:
18.07. Paris / Point Éphémère - Event:
19.07. Darmstadt / Oettinger Villa (with Birds in Row, Mercy Ties) - Event:
20.07. A - Vienna / Bach (with Hauna) - Event: - Tickets: of caterpillar
21.07. CZ - Fluff Fest - Event:

Further US tour dates will occur in the Fall, first as a string of anticipated West Coast shows, plus a short run of East Coast dates (including an appearance at The Fest) with longtime friends and tour-mates Majority Rule performing for the first time in over a decade, as follows:

Thurs. 10/19: San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar w/ Thou $15 - Tickets (on sale 5/26):
Fri. 10/20: Santa Barbara, CA @ The Hard To Find w/ Dangers $10. Tickets:
Sat. 10/21: Santa Rosa, CA @ Arlene Francis Center w/ Litany for the Whale, Sabertooth Zombie, Holy Wood $15
Sat. 10/28: Gainesville, FL @ The Fest w/ Hum, Majority Rule, Iron Reagan - Tickets & Info:
Sun. 10/29: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Majority Rule, Deep State $15 - Tickets:
Mon. 10/30: New Orleans, LA @ Zeitgeist w/ Majority Rule, Thou - Info:


New Release Announcement Soon

We will be announcing OUR NEXT RELEASE (REP #003) in about 1 week on WEDNESDAY MAY 24th  - LIMITED PRE-SALES go up on the same day. We'll be posting on our FACEBOOK Page first.


Distributors for the CITY OF CATERPILLAR "S/T" LP; Next Release Announcement Coming Soon

Some big news to announce hopefully in the next month about our next release. In the meantime, our friend Bryan from the band THOU has a distro site that has copies of the most recent pressing on coke-bottle-translucent of CITY OF CATERPILLAR "S/T" LP. Check out his site Here.

You can still find copies at the following sites:

Repeater Records

Revelation Records

Vitriol Records


Robotic Empire

Sisters In Christ

Bis Aufs Messer (Germany)


CITY OF CATERPILLAR Announce European Tour for July of 2017!

This is their first time ever in Europe! After a hugely successful 10 date reunion tour of the east coast of the US and the celebrated re-issue of their debut full length LP via Repeater records last year (originally released in 2002 on Level Plane Records), CITY OF CATERPILLAR will be touring through much of Europe in July.

City of Caterpillar’s groundbreaking full length LP was released 14 years ago along with various other releases like a split 7“ with Page 99, a ltd demo / live LP on ADAGIO830 in 2002.

They were one of the first bands to successfully merge post-rock and hardcore together, with complex and intense build-ups that led into bursts of rage and chaos, City Of Caterpillar’s short lived existence from 2000 – 2003 has had a major influence on the hardcore/punk scenes since the original release of this LP back in 2002. They were able to capture the dynamic sounds of Godspeed! You Black Emperor with bands like Portraits of Past and Pg. 99. City of Caterpillar shared members with Pg. 99 and members went onto bands such as Iron Reagan, Darkest Hour, Highness, Malady, Haram and Ghastly City Sleep.

You can find the Official Facebook Page HERE

Tour Dates:
12.07. Leipzig, Germany @ Bermuda3eck
13.07. Berlin, Germany @ Tiefgrund
14.07. Copenhagen, Denmark @  kraftværket
15.07. Hamburg, Germany @ Goldener Salon
16.07. Antwerp, Belgium @ Kavka
17.07. Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Occii
18.07. Paris, France @ TBC
19.07. Darmstadt, Germany @ Oettinger Villa
20.07. Vienna, Austria @ Bach
21.07. Rokycany, Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest


CITY OF CATERPILLAR Cassette Tapes Are Now Available In Our Store

We have the last 20 copies of the limited CASSETTE TAPES that were only available at the CITY OF CATERPILLAR east coast reunion shows for sale for a short time at our Big Cartel Store. $8 each.


CITY OF CATERPILLARare heading to Europe this summer!

More dates/details to come. More US dates in the works too. We will have a big announcement coming in the next couple of months also!



This pressing is limited to 600 all on coke-bottle-translucent vinyl. You can get them direct from Repeater Records HERE. Various distributors will have copies next week:


Robotic Empire


Bis Aufs Messer (Germany/Europe) - Still have copies from our 1st press


PRE-ORDERS are up now for the 2nd press of CITY OF CATERPILLAR's "S/T" LP.

This pressing is limited to 600 copies on coke-bottle-translucent. Order it HERE.


CITY OF CATERPILLAR Reunion Tour Starts Tomorrow!!!

The first of ten CITY OF CATERPILLAR reunion shows starts tomorrow night in Richmond, CA at Strange Matter! They will have our limited cassettes, as well as the last copies of our first press of the reissue. The 2nd press of their full length LP is currently en route to the band and will be available starting with their DC show on the  15th. We will have order info for this 2nd pressing up this week and on our Facebook page.


We are making 200 cassette tapes of the "Self Titled" CITY OF CATERPILLAR record for their upcoming reunion shows. They will only be available at these reunion shows (but if any are left over after the shows, we will sell them on our big cartel).


We are currently in production for our 2nd pressing of CITY OF CATERPILLAR's "Self Titled" LP. This 2nd pressing will be limited to 600 copies on coke-bottle-translucent. Pre-order info will be up here soon.

CITY OF CATERPILLAR have unveiled an unreleased track that was recorded during the session for their full length via NPR. You can check out the song HERE.

More REUNION Shows Announced:

Thur. Jan. 12: Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Malady & Virginia Creep – ON SALE
Fri. Jan. 13: Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Bermuda Triangles & Big No – SOLD OUT
Sat. Jan. 14: Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas w/ Pinkwash & HIRS – SOLD OUT
Sun. Jan. 15: Washington, DC @ Black Cat w/ Pygmy Lush & Malady – SOLD OUT
Mon. Jan. 16: NYC @ Saint Vitus w/ Big Hush & Ghastly City Sleep – SOLD OUT
Tues. Jan. 17: NYC @ Saint Vitus w/ Virginia Creep, Suppression & Skulk Kits – SOLD OUT
Wed. Jan. 18: Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall w/ The Saddest Landscape & Kindling – ON SALE
Thurs. Jan. 19: Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ Green Dream & Coming Down – ON SALE
Fri. Jan. 20: Detroit, MI @ El Club w/ Reverend & Touch – ON SALE
Sat. Jan. 21: Chicago, IL @ Reggies w/ Planes Mistaken For Stars – ON SALE

Don't worry west coast...


All of the east coast City Of Caterpillar reunion shows are SOLD OUT!!! Stay tuned...

We are saving our remaining copies of the City Of Caterpillar LP's for the band to sell at their shows (although we may be doing another pressing soon), but you can get the LP at the following distros:
Robotic Empire
Skeletal Lightning
Bis Aufs Messer (Germany)
Green Hell (Germany)


CITY OF CATERPILLAR are REUNITING for 4 shows in January of 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As reported by the band as well as Brooklyn Vegan and The Archivist, the shows will happen at the following cities:

Friday, January 13th 2017 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Bermuda Triangles, Big No - 8pm, $15, 18+

Saturday, January 14th 2017 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas w/ HIRS, Pinkwash - $15, 21+

Sunday, January 15th 2017 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage w/ Pygmy Lush, Malady - $15, All Ages

Monday, January 16th 2017 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Big Hush, Ghastly City Sleep - $15, 21+


DISTRIBUTION: You can find copies of the CITY OF CATERPILLAR "S/T" LP at the following sites -

Repeater Records Big Cartel


Skeletal Lightning

Robotic Empire


Vitriol Records

E U R O P E: We are shipping out 120 copies this week to the following Distributors

Adagio830/Bis Aufs Messer (Germany)

Green Hell


Preorders for clear vinyl are sold out! We're shipping them out this week! Thanks for all of the support. Robotic Empire will have 20 copies on clear available by the end of this week. Robotic Empire's sister label The Archivist also released the digital version of the City Of Caterpillar LP last year if you are interested in just a digital download.


Jason Heller wrote an amazing and beautiful article on CITY OF CATERPILLAR for Noisey Vice titled "Ambient Apocalypse: How City Of Caterpillar Encompassed an Era." Please check it out HERE


CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP represses will be out on Friday MAY 27th!!!

You can still pre-order a copy HERE


Order the official CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP repress HERE

300/clear (pre-order), 700 black


PRE-ORDERS for the CITY OF CATERPILLAR "Self Titled" LP repress goes up tomorrow May 2 @ 12noon Pacific time


CITY OF CATERPILLAR "S/T" repress LP's are expected to be out in June! We will have pre-orders up in May and more specific details soon. 300/clear (pre-order), 700 black. Check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date info.



The test pressings that we received from United didn't sound up to the quality that we and the band were hoping for, so we have scrapped them. However, the good news is that we've gotten Jack Shirley at his Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, etc.) to remaster the whole album!!! The new remastered files are currently being made into test presses for a second round. We hope that despite this delay, we will still have the LP's out by late Spring 2016.


Test pressings for CITY OF CATERPILLAR "S/T" repress are here! We're listening to them to check quality and will post another update when they're approved. No word yet on official release date, but it's looking like Spring of 2016 still.


We are beyond excited and honored to announce that we are repressing CITY OF CATERPILLAR’s “Self Titled” full length for our next release!!! Brandon Evans of CoC, who made the original artwork, has also redesigned his original art for the repress. We’re hoping for a Spring of 2016 release. We’ll be posting updates here and on our Facebook page


Official Website is up!